Nur76 Reviews

Nur76 is a cosmeceuticals brand that produces a number of high quality cosmetics and creams. If you have had any experience of Nur76 and its products please post your review below.

Nur76 produces a number of products which are listed below but are not limited to those.

Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced 3-in-1 for Face
Nur76 Skin Lightening Original 2-in-1
Nur76 Skin Lightening Soap
Nur76 Skin Lightening Body Lotion Original
Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced Body Lotion
Nur76 Skin Lightening Under Eye Fade Out Cream
Nur76 Skin Lightening Shower Gel
Nur76 Skin Lightening Melasma Cream
Nur76 Skin Lightening Sun Protector
Nur76 Skin Lightening Exra Strength Cream
Nur76 Skin Lightening Shower Gel
Nur76 Skin Lightening Large Serum
Nur76 Acne Mist Spray
Nur76 Anti-Ageing Original
Nur76 Anti-Ageing Advanced 2-in-1
Nur76 Anti-Ageing Under Eye Gel
Nur76 Hair Loss Prevention Serum
Nur76 Weight Loss Pills
Nur76 Green Pills

If you have any experience with the above products and want to leave your review please do so below.

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  1. Anita Ali says:

    I’ve tried the Nur76 ADVANCED 3-in-1 which has been working great for me for the last 6 months. I normally just use it once a day which seems to be enough for me. It’s helped lighten my skin and get rid of scar marks which I’ve had for more than 10 years.

    • Kiran says:

      I am disappointed with the products. I have used it for 2 weeks but cannot see any change in my complexion. I am not sure whether to stop using it r continue with it. Can anyone advise me?

  2. salma begum says:

    works brilliant, ive used the under eye cream for my dark circles which have been with me since time began. i use it twice a day normally but sometimes i forget. keep it up guys.

  3. mrs rahman says:

    The advanced nur76 is the best skin lightening cream I have used and believe me I have used a lot of skin lightening creams

  4. Farhan says:

    I used the NUR76 original cream for over 1 week and it didn’t show much difference, I want to try the advanced one, where can I get it cheaper?

  5. Spoiltforchoice says:

    i tried this for a few weeks, its been working really good, i used the original one first which didnt make a huge difference i only saw real changes after using the advanced one, so don’t bother with the original. definately worth its money. It’s shame is doesnt work within a few days. it would be good to have something taht instantly lightens your skin.

  6. alina says:

    just bought the advanced one 2 weeks ago, the serum is really good, as soon as you apply it your skin becomes supper smooth, the cream is also really good and gives your skin a good instant whitening effect. people have noticed that my skin is getting lighter and looks a lot more healthy. The protector that comes with it is quite thick, so you might want to avoid using the protecter unless ur gonna be out in the sun alot.

  7. sara says:

    This Cream is brilliant! At first my skin became very dry, however gradually my skin started to get better and lighter. I would reccommend this to everyone. I saw difference in 2 months. I used the Advance formula.

  8. naida says:

    helo, i tried it for a week, didnt make much of a difference, im now using detan cream which seems to be working.

  9. Samia says:

    ive tried this for 2 weeks and it seems to be working very well, my skin looks lighter, and my freckles have started to fade slowly, i think i need to use it for longer, i just wish they would reduce the prices!

  10. alina says:

    very good, works very well, but you should use it 3 times a day not two times a day. They advise to use it twice a day, but ive found that if you use it 3 times a day and then leave it on at night before you go to sleeo you get the best results. Also do not buy the fade out cream – JUST buy the advanced one as that works better for under the eyes dark circles!

  11. Okina says:

    The nur76 original is ok, but you should put the advanced one up because that works realy well, ive used it for 4 months and im addicted to it, the serum leaves your skin feeling so smooth and beautiful ive honestely never seen anything like it, i dont know what they put in it but it makes your skin fair, soft and even reduces your wrinkles, if we could photos on here i would because i just cant beloeve the differnece it has made, i have recommend it to all my family and friends, the only problem i have is with the protector which is a little bit too thick so please can you make it a little watery please. Other than that its simply perfect

  12. Bryan says:

    Hello, very expensive cream but it really does work. Give it a try. My sister introduced me to it, being a guy i dont like trying stuff, no time innit but this is good stuff, its makes your skin feel well nice, and it makes it clear and fades our marks n stuff. thumbs up.

  13. rani says:

    brilliant cream, does what it says but I wish it was cheaper.

  14. Rakkhi says:

    WASTE OF MONEY! I used it for a few days and it didn’t even lighten my skin a bit! I applied it 3 times a day on my underarms but i couldnt see much of a diffrence.

  15. talat says:

    cool product, nice lady on the phone helped me choose the right one which was for my wifes melasma, been working really well, can’t recommend it enoough.

  16. razia begum says:

    I’ve tried all sort of lightening creams, almost burned my skin using hydroquinone, i tried nur76 for just 3 weeks and its made my skin more even and lighter, it seems to take a longer than i thought.

  17. sandy says:

    i hav been using nur 76 for period of nearley a year now.iam amzed at the result,smooth,healthier,glowing.i use serum,eye,cream.its fantastic,go for it its worth it.

  18. arif says:

    i have been reading all the reviews obout nur76 products. i have used the product myself, it did work for me but i stopped because it was expensive. i guess this product works for some people and not for others. people are saying its a con, maybe so, but i’m sure it has worked for many as well as it has not. i am a genuine customer and not an employer of nur76 like some one has stated on a review. i will give this my rating, what i think it deserves.

  19. Sahara says:

    Has anyone else seen the BBC program about Nur76? Anita Rani promotes it by saying theyre the biggest skin lightening seller in the UK! They seem to have been on all the biggest channels and have mostly good reviews online. Anyway I’m going to buy this and check it out.

  20. sharmell says:

    Worked wonderfully thanks.

  21. asia says:

    used the weight loss pills and lost more than 3 stones in 6 months

  22. jahina says:

    Stupid product doesnt work! I tried it on my eye lids and it made my eyes sting! warning! dont let it get in your eyes! absolutely hate it!

  23. cutiepie says:

    what a silly thing to do! why on earth would you put it on your eye lids? i tried it on my chin and worked fine!

  24. supernatural says:

    if carlsberg made skin lightening creams they would make nur76, brilliant stuff!

  25. MrJeckyl says:

    I cant comment on any other creams but the nur76 anti-ageing creams works wondefully well! my wife is on her 4th bottle and she’s looking as young as the day I married her! just kidding, she looked perfect when i married and she still does.

  26. sneha says:

    im on the 2d bottle of the acne mist spray and my acne is nearly gone, would be cool if they made a bigger bottle.

    • HateAcne says:

      How long did you use the acne mist spray? and does it really work? How loong sfter using it do you see a change? i want to use it on my back.

      • sneha says:

        Hi, I used it for about 6 weeks, it’s worked really well, I saw changes after a few days, I also used th nur76 skin lightening soap which really helps get rid of the red marks and brown marks around the older spots.

  27. heather gordon says:

    where can i buy this product from for cheaper? its too expensive at the moment for me and I cant afford it.

  28. heather gordon says:

    ive just found it cheaper at please buy from there!

  29. emma says:

    i used to have freckles all over my face and they were gone after 8 weeks of using it, ive also given a bottle to my boyfriend. i would highly recommend it to anyone with freckles – product nur76 freckles cream – it’s not listed on this site for some reason!

  30. louise says:

    makes my skin feel smoother and younger, however it does make it look slightly oily at first. would recommend to older people who want to reduce their wrinkles using the anti-ageing advanced.

  31. billy says:

    i am 42, white male and i started to get sun spots after long exposure for a few years on my holidays. I used it for 4 weeks and it drastically reduced them and made my skin look even again. well worth the price.

  32. charlie says:

    i had just one brown spot on the left of my face and after using it for about 4 weeks its started to fade a lot, you can hardly see it, hopefully it’ll be gone soon. 4 weeks seems a bit slow to work but then again nothing ive used before has worked at all.

  33. cherly says:

    i am a black girl and i have been using the advanced skin lightenign from nur76 for 8 weeks and all i can say is that im really happy with it. i have recommended it to my family and friends.

  34. jezza says:

    top product, top telephone support, ive been buying the products for my wife for over 4 years now and never had a problem.

  35. sinita says:

    Among all th eproducts I’ve tried nur76 has always worked best for me. I use it every day and I’ve never had any side effects or irritation. It leave my skin looking healthy and lighter. It’s also affordable and lasts a very long time.

  36. Karina Patel says:

    Im on my 5th week and its all going well, ive had dark under eyes circles and a dark patch on my upper lip where i normally use hair removal cream. i can honestly say its made a massive difference already and i feel so much more confident.

  37. Sufyan says:

    Spent £37 and the product didnt work for me! Phoned them up and they gave me a refund.

  38. Kiran says:

    I have hyperpigmentation on my face and want to try this, has anyone else tried this who has had hyperpigmentation on their face? Please let me know as I want to get started as soon as possible.

  39. loveyourskin says:

    We actually sell this cream in our shop and our customers love it! If you have any dark patches it gets rid of it and helps make your skin look brighter and more even toned. Please come into our shop on London Road.

  40. nat says:

    Tried it, didn’t work, just gave me a wonderful feeling but no results. I just dont have the patience to apply it every day. Need to get pills instead, where can I buy skin lightening pills?

  41. motherof2 says:

    Helped with my mask of pregnancy, used it after my pregnancy for a couple of months and it’s faded so much you cant see it. It was recommended by my doctor.

  42. Jenny says:

    Works brilliant on African skin, my sister recommended it to me and its helped me lighten my skin all over. I could easily say that this is probably the best cream I have ever used for skin lightening. I tried a few home remedies which did not do anything for me but this has changed everything. I count my lucky stars nur76 is here to save the day when i get a tan i dont want because black skin does not tan well, we just get darker and darker in the sun and i dont like being darker then my normal skin, i just want to be the colour i was born with.

  43. BlackandProud says:

    Why do yall want to change your skin colour? it’s racist and you should be proud to be black, please yall get back to reality and be proud of who you are. We are black because got has made us black and we should never try to be like a white person. God bless you all.

    • Thipa says:

      I don’t want to be lighter, I just want my tan to fade so I can have my natural fair skin colour back.

      • Sharon says:

        That’s true, same with me, I went on holiday and get a dark tan and look a lot darker than I was so I just use it to go back to my original colour.

  44. Zahra Bibi says:

    I am from London and I bought this from the Pharmacy and it’s helped me lighten my scars on my face and body because after I get spots I get dark marks and it helps me lighten my marks when i use it a couple of times a day

  45. BlackMan says:

    I used it for my armpits and private areas and it’s defintealy helped lighten them. I wont leave my name because its a bit embarrassing to tell everyone so please do not show my email address.

  46. Ahad says:

    Salaams, I used it for my face because I get marks from when I shave and if I cut myself. My face looks a lot smoother and the marks have gone, if you have any offers please let me know.

  47. Anaya says:

    I been on holiday and become a lot darker, which one shall i use to lighten my skin? Im 18 years old and I love in London, can I buy it in the shops or do I have to buy it online as I dont have a credit card. Thanks.

  48. Harissa K says:

    I don’t know any shops in London that have it, I bought mine in a Pharmacy in Blackburn. You should use the original one to start with because the Advanced one might be too powerful for you. Take care. H.

  49. ariana says:

    Got a tan, got rid of it using nur76 extra strength, its not on the web site, you have to phone up and ask for it. Trust me it works amazingly well.

  50. JK says:

    Ive been a customer for 5 years, if i phone up and order they give me a discount, try it, call em and ask for a discount and say you have used it before, ive had 3 friends try it and it worked for them every time, save yourself some money innit.

  51. saadia hanif says:

    i got acne scars on my jaw line ad my cheeks and been using it for 7 weeks and seem some good difference although it not completely gone yet gonna keep using it till i run out of the bottle and see what happens……..

  52. badgirl32 says:

    I bought mine from nutricentre in london, works really well and was recommended by the staff there.

  53. uglytoes says:

    Tried the original didn’t work for me, I tried to lighten my toes, I tried the advanced skin lightening after and worked almost straight away, dont buy the original its waste of time, save yourself the money and go for the nur76 advanced one.

  54. Ruby says:

    I had dark spots on my nose and cheeks and between my eyebrows from a medication that I was taking for 3 years, I stopped taking it and it remained there. I was told by a friend to try NUR76 advanced and after 2 weeks of using it I started to see a difference. I’m now on my 7th week and they’re almost gone, I’m so glad I tried this!

  55. Tanya Young says:

    Hi this is Tanya from the Skin Bleaching Blog! Here’s one of our reviews on Nur76:

    We have been asked by many of our readers if NUR76 skin bleaching creams really work. We contacted NUR76 and they sent us 10 samples to use on some of our friends :) This was very nice of them considering most other companies did not bother when we contact them for other trials. Anyway they came in a nice yellow and gold box which contained the NUR76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED 3-in-1. We gave a box each to 7 friends and kept 3 of them. We asked them to feedback to us after every 7 days of usage.

    Week 1:

    3 out of 7 noticed small changes in week 1 and one noticed a big change with the skin feeling softer, smoother and lighter.

    Week 2:

    5 out of 7 noticed visible changes in the skin getting lighter and 2 of them were in love with it

    Week 3:

    7 out of 7 had good noticeable difference, 4 of them saw a huge improvement in their skin and was getting much lighter and and even toned.

    Some weeks later…

    Week 8 – All the users reported fantastic changes and the three spare boxes we had have been snapped up by the team, at least I’ve got mine!

    Anyway we’ll try to get some more boxes and if anyone else is interested in trying it let us know!

  56. Reema says:

    I had really uneven skin from going back home a few times. I bought Nur76 Advanced from Amazon and had it delivered the next day. I used it for just 2 months and got a great result. I feel normal again and my skin looks and feels perfect. I wouldn’t hesistate to recommend it to anyone. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always ask for a refund, no other company offers a 100% money back guarantee like Nur76.

  57. ini says:

    Hello, I had lots of scars on my legs since the age of 15 I can’t believe this product reduced the appearance they are hardly noticeable anymore and I feel comfortable showing my legs now that they look so beautiful.

    • says:

      did you use the advance or the lotion? I have lots of dark scars in my legs and it would be nice to lighten them….

      • Ini says:

        Hey I used the nur76 advanced body lotion but on one of the marks was quite dark and i used the extra strength whitening cream, you may have to call them to order that because it’s not on the web site, they only send it to you by request, I think it was £52.

  58. Mr Balamugunthan says:

    We have using this product for very long time since 3 months. It make us feel like different people. We are very happy with results because we try lots of products. We have buyed 2 times and we will buy 3 times very soon. Thanks for everyone who has help us find this product and shipping to Sri Lanka.

  59. Dashay says:

    The product has a gently fragrance which I like very much and I am allergic to strong fragrances. Works as described and definitely worth the money considering I wasted so much on other creams that didn’t work. My sister had dark elbows and knees which she has lightened using the advanced cream. This product needs better advertising as it looks so crap and cheap but works so well. I would change the packaging to make it look more sleek and use purples and blacks and silver to make it look worth it.

  60. Q77 says:

    I dont take time out to write reviews mainly because i find in most instances positive comments are left by fraudsters trying to give false impressions for consumers to buy the product, but using this product for three weeks now, i feel i need to share this. Recently I have suffered from full adult acne, leaving me with severe acne marking it got to the stage last month where i was looking into deep peels costing £750 to remove the colouring. First week into using the product i noticed the marks fading, but more noticeably my skin has gone from a dulling colour to a morebright radiant glowing colour, Last week i was commented on i looked radiant. If this is how my skin looks like in 3 weeks i am so looking forward to the full affects in 90 days. If you are thinking of buying this product, dont think just buy i 10000% reommend it

  61. Silver Surfer says:

    In our old age myself and my wife have a lot of age spots which we seem to have among our peers. Anyway I did some research and found that the Nur76 cream helps fade age spots and to our amazement after just 10 days of use the age spots on our hands have faded drastically. I have recommend it to all our friends.

  62. Rushama says:

    Nur76 is the best cream i have used to improve the dark pigmentation on my face. I had to use the cream and serum twice a day but it has made a real difference! Will definately continue to keep using it as i am scared the marks may reappear if i stop. Well worth the money and lasts absolutely ages.

  63. Facebook Queen says:

    This is the best cream i have used to improve the dark pigmentation on my face. I had to use the cream and serum twice a day but it has made a real difference! Will definately continue to keep using it as i am scared the marks may reappear if i stop. Well worth the money and lasts absolutely ages.

  64. Minu says:

    I had patches of dark skin on my face, mainly due to ecezema so started using NUR76 after my cousin recommended it. It’s really good, he said it would be and now i know. My dry, dark patches look smoother and feels really soft. I thank him for this secret and want to thank NUR76 for this magic in a bottle.

  65. ILoveNUR76 says:

    I would like everyone to know that this cream is the only skin lightening cream that works. I have tried so many creams, lotions, natural remedies, peels and bleaches all have which have either had no affect or have caused some surface damage to my skin all in the name of a brighter complexion. Nur76 Advanced 3-IN-1 was my last chance and discovered it thgrough the internet. It has changed the overall appearance of my skin and most importantly has actually worked at lightening it. I have used it now for four months and the dark, rough skin on my chin and upper lip is now lighter so is the same colour as the rest of my face. I am soo happy as all i want is an even but bright complexion. I have soo much faith in this product and am sure that with time my skin will lighten to the perfect light shade i once used to be.

  66. Geraldine says:

    My elbows, knees and underarms are darker than the rest of my skin so bought the skin lightening soap and the extra strenth cream. 6 months on i use the cream and soap everyday in the shower. I really like the texture and the feel of the soap and the cream has helped the dark areas to change to make it look more even so i can go on holiday next month and not cover up head to toe because of embarrassment. I cant wait to look at before and after pics of these areas as i want to show people photographic evidence. I am so proud of my Nur76 find.

  67. Sumatra S says:

    I have used the under eye fade out cream for 6 weeks now and it has worked wonders for the very dark skin i have under my eyes. I will now pass this onto my family so they can use it as we all have dark circles. It was well worth the spend and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is unsure about the risk.

  68. Bengali Babe says:

    Amazing product! Will continue to use this brand as they cater for all skin needs. So far i have only tried the skin lightening cream and the under eye cream but know all the others will live up to the quality and results that these have proved. Keep oup the good work! xxx

  69. Selina Ali says:

    Well worth the spend and within the wedding budget. No need for chemical peels and bleaches. Have been used this cream for 5 weeks and have had superb fresults so far. Desperate for perfect skin for my big day and what better that beautiful youthful bright glowing skin. So far the cream has delivered and i cant beleieve that its all natural, so no side effects and no irritaion.

  70. Tejeswar says:

    Cant believe such a cream exists! Have always wanted my skin to look lighter as i come from a family where everyone is pale in skin colour. Although my skin is not dark i have always felt like it was darker than my sisters and brothers so while surfing the net came accross an ad for skin lightening and a link to the NUR76 website. Couldnt believe how many positive reviews were out there so gave it a go. I have used the cream for 3 weeks now and have seen a small change in shade and a obvious change in the condition of my skin. It definitely feels more softer and more youthful. I’m going to continue to use it untill i am happy with results as it is guaranteed to work. So no loss.

  71. Warren A says:

    Wonderful products and equally wonderful company, very friendly support team both over the phone and through email. Was sold what was approriate for my skin and have seen a massive difference. I cant recommend this enough, need more honest people and companies out there with great products and no jargon. Overall best cosmetic company by far. Try it for yourself.

  72. SMITA says:

    Top product! Especially love the feel of the serum, its soo silky smooth when you apply it to the skin. Well worth the spend.

  73. herminder says:

    What a great product. An absolute refreshing change to all the other websites that dont do what they are meant to. The skin lightening 3 in 1 is exactly what it says it is. A pleasure to apply and leaves no greasy residue afterwards.

  74. Christabel A says:

    NUR76 soap is a must have! I started using it 2 weeks ago and have now replaced my ordinary soap with this one. You only need a small amount to work up a foamy texture and it feels like it cleans deeper than the top layer of skin.

  75. ANUPAM says:

    I love NUR76 and want all their products, i just wish they were abit cheaper to buy. So far i have used the Advanced skin lightening, the under eye cream and the body lotion. Fab products and top quality natural ingredients.

  76. Nnamdi says:

    I have very dry tight feeling skin on my face and had never found anything that moisturised the skin without leaving me with a shiny, greasy face. The skin lightening is so cool, and for me it has the added bonus of lightening my face.

  77. T Chakraborty says:

    Love it!!! The best cream and serum i have ever used and has lightened my skin to almost the same shade when i was a younger. I have to admit that i thought this wasn’t possible but now i have seen it for myself. I love the eveness of my skin colour and will definitely keep using it, will also try the body lotion and see if it works wonders on my knees.

  78. Mercy says:

    I am 29 and was feeling worried about the wrinkles under my eyes so decided to buy the anti ageing serum and cream and am amazed at the results so far. The fine wrinkles have completely disappeared and there are only two wrinkles left. I have only been using the cream for 6 weeks.

  79. Asanka A says:

    I am a regular customer, can I get a discount?

  80. Dimitri says:

    Hey Asanka,

    I have found a website offering discounts on Nur76 and other skin lightenig products at one of the users above has mentioned it too! Try it and see!

  81. Stephen says:

    I am from the USA and I have been using this for over 2 months and it works wonders! I recommend it to anyone! Please give this a go before you regret trying other things that do not work!

  82. Cyndi Gayle says:

    It’s a good product and keeps spots and marks under control. I did not get the lighening effect on my skin but the product overall is very good

  83. naseem says:

    I used the Advance Skin Lightning serum and cream for about a year two years ago. I have very dark pigmentations on my face. I did see an improvement , the pigmentations were fading gradually. Because of the cost, I decided to use other products instead. A few months later, I started using the Advance serum and cream again, and it had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Did they charge me for the Advance products and give me a different one, I wonder! Strange that it worked well the first time and not the second time round.

    I used the Advanced Lightning serum and cream about 2 years ago, and had good result. I have very dark pigmentations on my face. They were gradually fading away. But because of the cost, I decided to try a different brand. When I used the Advance serum and cream about a year later, it had absolutely no effect whatsoever. It does not work on resistant pigmentations. Why did it work the first time and not the second? I wonder if they charged me for the Advance products and gave me a different formulation?

  84. swati says:

    I had bad hyper pigmentation and acne marks on my face. I had tried lots of creams and almost lost the hope.
    While surfing in net i got to know about this cream and since 1yr. i am using Nur76-Advanced cream. I am truly satisfied with the result. My marks are almost gone and very less visible.
    I will recommend this cream to every one. I wish the cream would be bit cheaper.

  85. RAMA says:

    Hi every one,

    I have used the lotion for my underarms and I really amazed with the result. first I have very sensitive skin and I used before many products to lightning that area but they made it worse. This product is so safe and gives me quick result I strongly recommend it. however, I cannot use it permanently cause it a little bit expensive for me.

  86. Rusma Begum says:

    I’ve only used it for three weeks n can honestly say no change has shown on my skin.
    I’m disappointed but still have a little hope as I have more left n hope to see results before
    It finishes.

  87. Shanila says:

    I tried it for about 2 weeks, but didn’t notice a difference. After speaking to customer service rep, they asked me to try it for at least 90 days. So I carried on trying and only noticed a difference after about 2 months. But It has definitely made a difference now. You just have to be patient I guess….which I’m not!!! lol :)

  88. Shadylady says:

    Worked brilliantly for me! I think the best skin lightening cream is the advanced one.

  89. sheila says:

    hello, I have used this cream on my mask of pregnancy on my cheeks and face for 2 months now and they have almost disappeared. I am now just using it once a day, thats the advanced nur76 cream for face.

  90. Janet Jones says:

    I saw heard about this cream on BBC radio 1 extra on one of the shows where they interviews the makers of this cream and they really did shine through on the interview and thats when i searched on google for it and found it and ordered just one bottle to try it out. i used it on my elbows and knees as they are darker than the rest of my body and now they have lightened quite a bit but still needs to be just a little bit more lighter.

  91. saleha says:

    hope it would be helpful for all.I am sure once people use it they know it is working and it is the best product in the market i ever found, there is a lot of lighting cream but non of them are working i recomend this for everyone.

  92. nahara says:

    I’ve been using the Product for 2months and I have seen the difference from before and now.
    Before I had dark brown skin but now my skin has become lighter which is giving me the confidence to look after myself
    Thank you for your help :D

  93. Florence says:

    This is my third week of using this product and I am seeing the results now and I now know that the product works. For black people the product will actually take longer to show any significant results but that they should continue to use it. Also the skin will appear to be getting worse than when you first started using the product but all this will disappear and a younger looking skin will start to appear after the clearance. This is a true assessment of the product and I would tell this to all my friends that this is how the product works.

    I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends but also to tell them that they should be patient with the product. If it was not for the price I would have thrown the product in the bin and lost out on the good results that I am getting now. I will order the serum and the soap again but I find the sun block too chalky.

  94. Onlyme says:

    I’ve only used the nur76 which has helped lighten some small scar marks on my face.

  95. Aysha says:

    I’m currently using the nur76 facial cleanser and have been using it for about 2 months. I’m starting to see some results but if you want quick results i’d recommend the advance Nur 76 as its meant to give better results in a short amount of time. So far so good although i wish it wouldn’t take as long to see more visible results.
    However, i was impressed with their service and next day delivery and the best thing is their products contain no chemical or harmful ingredients!

  96. S4k says:

    I used the advanced formula for 3 months, as recommended to be honest I didn’t see a difference until my family members kept saying I look fair and I noticed I was. So it must have worked. I must say though I don’t like sun protector as it’s thick and takes alot of rubbing on your face to blend it in. All these people that have left reviews saying they’ve used it for some weeks and it didn’t work, you need to use it minimum 8 weeks to see a difference, as is with any cream. Overall good stuff.

  97. judith malo says:

    have been using nur76 advanced serum 4 nearly 3 weeks now with no change

  98. Aarina says:

    I’ve read a lot of nur76 reviews mostly positive and some negative. Thought I just give it a try and it worked really well! I don’t know why some people left bad reviews, maybe they didn’t try it long enough or maybe competitors trying to make them look bad. Silly really. Anyway it works for me.

  99. Steve says:

    Wow! Bloody expensive but gave it a shot and I’ve managed to get lighter in less than 3 days! I hope it lasts!!!!!

  100. Manna says:

    Been with these guys for 3 years, I’m addicted to nur76, works great, feels soft and really moisturised. I use it on my face and neck once every night. Does anyone have any discount codes?

  101. MrCoupon says:

    Please don’t overuse this otherwise they may take it off!

    Go to

    During the order process, when it asks for a coupon, enter C2011 and will get 20% off your order.

    Let me know if this is still working!

  102. Shani says:

    Omg!!! It worked!!!!

  103. Damilola says:

    I have only being using the Acne Mist Spray, and the Advanced 3-in-1 for two weeks and I can say its like a miracle. My acne is reducing, my spots are fading and my friends are already commenting on my looks. I cant wait to use it for 90 days, cant wait to see the results.
    I just wish its less expensive.

  104. faridah says:

    i have just started using it therefore haven’t seen much difference yet. The product is too small for all that price. Wish they can reduce the prices otherwise its an obstacle for lots of people who want to use it.

  105. sofia says:

    I have been using the malasma cream for 3 weeks and I don’t see any difference in my skin tone. So I’am going to try the Nur76 advanced serum hope this works its becoming quite pricy.

  106. mary says:

    I had acne so I try the advanced 3 in 1 and after 3 weeks I noticed my skin condition is getting better.

  107. Newcastle says:

    THIS WORKS. i bought it from ebay for £36. was aprehensive cus of the price but after only THREE days of use i a considering NOT wearing foundation anymore.i have never felt comfortabe in my own skin bcos of the uneven skin tone around my mouth and under eyes, but now i feel confident. GREAT product.

  108. Azeneth says:

    Been using the advance skin lightening for almost a month now and I can see some difference already tried the soap and the acne spray both are expensive but do works hope they do lessen the cost of the product but they do some discount so just need to check my emails for some discount product. Love the product really good hope it will continue working

    • Akash says:

      This is my third order of this product. I love the way it makes my skin look. I neictod results after I finished the first bottle. It’s a great product. I used to sell department store products that didn’t give the same results. I would recommend this to others. I’m in my late 30 s.

  109. Shahidul Alam says:

    Ive been reading the web site for a good few weeks now and the web site isn’t convincing enough. Anyway after some deliberation I’ve decided to give it ago. That was about 3 weeks ago. I’m not one to leave reviews but this really has changed everything. I suffered from dark marks left from spots i’ve been picking at and also my skin is darker in areas like under my eyes, beside my nose and also on my upper lip. I followed the instructions exactly as they described and I really am in awe, I cannot believe how well this works. From the 3rd day I started seeing small changes and over time its made a massive change to my face, I honestly cant thank these guys enough, I am so so so happy I dont know how to thank them. I am addicted. I don’t use anything else on my skin. I wont risk anything else on my skin. I am definitely a customer for life. But please please please update that crap web site and hire a proper graphic designer!

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